Rimo’s Crêperie

In the summer of 2015, people woke up to irresistable smells of crepes made by Rimo’s Crêperie, which has named after Rimo, dog beloved of people in Ilıca Town. Our wish, is to become a favorite of all foodies. We try to mix different tastes with Turkish sense of tastes, like Kumpan (Çeşme Kumru and Pancake), Burpan (Burger and Pancake) to create crepes and pancakes which have never been made before.
Also, we transformed pancake, waffle and crepe batter into worldwide known tastes such as Quesadilla, BLT, Hotdog, Taco, Cordon Bleu etc. By this way, people can get the flavors that they are used to get, but in a lighter manner.
From Breakfast to Dinner, Rimo’s Crêperie is happy to serve you everyday at Alsancak İzmir Sevgi Yolu Road. Sweet or Savory. As we say in our motto – Sweet or Savory.

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